For best SEO results, I highly recommend a dedicated monthly online marketing budget. This allows a team to benchmark, measure and adhere to a strategy so that correct optimizations are made and recorded. At the end of the day companies want to increase revenue and to do so, you need to know what’s working and what’s NOT. That means  analyzing data from different business platforms and comparing metrics to build a cohesive marketing strategy. 

Sites with Dedicated SEO Budget  Perform Best!

The below screen grabs show domains with dedicated budgets in 3 types: 1) full-time SEO budget – 40 hrs a week  2) monthly SEO budget and 3) one-time initial SEO optimizations budget.

Domains with dedicated monthly optimizations saw an upward trajectory and those who opted for initial optimizations did not see the month over month increase. 

For businesses that can’t commit to a monthly SEO budget, I recommend at minimum committing to a quarterly SEO budget. Make sure that this budget includes regular productive strategy meetings with your SEO.

Last bit of advice, please, please, please perform keyword and competitor research before performing initial SEO Optimizations. This initial stage is important in building out a site strategy.  

Monthly SEO Contract

Full-time SEO position. Notice the upward trajectory.
Monthly Contract – 5 hours a month – Local Spa

One-time SEO Optimizations

Initial Site Optimization – After Keyword Research (site optimized once around my findings).
Initial Optimization – Keyword Research and Competitor Research (site optimized once and around my findings).