Online Marketing is overwhelming and it’s impossible to be a subject matter expert in all areas. Whether you have an in-house marketing department, but lack SEO skills and services, or need a team to fill all your online marketing needs, I can help. I can assist as little or as much as you need to reach your marketing goals.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is important at any stage of the game. Companies have limited marketing budgets, so when a new initiative is launched it’s important to invest in the research and data analysis to ensure you target the correct audience and create the best user experience.

Depending on the stage of your website or the content being promoted, I can dig into search patterns and seasonality to determine a strategy that work best for your content and budget.

Competitor Analysis

You must know your competition to beat your competition! What are their top-ranking terms on the search engines, know their estimated website traffic, discover their marketing strategies, learn their call-to-actions, and if they spend on AdWords.

SEO Audit 

An SEO Audit will determine if there are any off-page or on-page errors that need to be addressed. Doing an initial audit will help determine the next steps toward an SEO marketing strategy.

What Type of SEO Audit is Best?


You are about to launch a new marketing initiative, so how will you know if you have met your goals? Whether you are launching a direct marketing campaign, a social media campaign or an SEO campaign, benchmarking and measuring is at the core of knowing your success and building datasets to help launch additional campaigns. Identify your KPI’s and know what the ROI for the launched campaigns.


Generating reports that measure your websites key metrics is critical to knowing, creating and optimizing your content. At a minimum, stake holders should take interest in month-over-month reports to keep an eye on the basic website metrics. With a trained eye and few hours dedicated to reporting, one can uncover weekly or monthly optimizations to help drive your marketing strategies.

SEO Marketing Strategy 

An overall SEO marketing strategy will include a bit of all of the above: research, draft, launch and measure your content pieces. Content is critical to the success of a websites, but many business owners don’t have the time to dedicate to content creation. We tailor a content calendar that is comfortable for you. Yes, we involve you but our content curators have a process that involves very little of your time. We will research, draft, launch and measure each of your content pieces.