What is the Google Cache Feature and How do SEO’s use it?

Google cache provides a view from when Googlebot last visited a web page. One caveat is that Googlebot must have downloaded the page for it to work. You can access the cache feature by typing cache:yourwebsite.com (http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:ZQZdgTGbR54J:www.gitgodata.com/seo-services/+&cd=8&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us). You can also access it in the search engine results page by clicking the down arrow and cache.

SERP Example on How To Use Google Cache

How do SEO’s use Google’s cache feature?

SEO’s use the Google cache feature often. When the feature recently broke, I was quickly reminded how often I actually use this and just how valuable it is. Thankfully this genius (Jan-Willem) found a fix and was kind enough to share his knowledge. I recommend you follow him!

Jan Willem Google Cache Fix

Google Cache Examples

Here’s an example of how I use Google cache. I recently noticed that one of my competitors out-ranked me on a valuable term that I track. Did they recently change their page? Use the cache feature to find out what changes they made.

Here’s another example. All website editors know to have revisions in place or a backup when editing pages, but we grow comfortable in our workflow and go against our best judgment. I grew too comfortable and recently deleted content from a page on accident. I tried waybackmachine, but the site had not been indexed and the Google cache feature was broke. Thankfully a few days later I happened to stumble across Jan-Willem’s Google cache fix on LinkedIn and it saved my rear.

Google Cache Fix

Change the cached domain link from this: