Understand Website Traffic

Anyone involved in marketing will stress how important it is to measure your data. It’s true! Measuring website data with Google Analytics or with any tool on the market should be an integral part of all marketing strategies.

Google Analytics is a free and powerful analysis tool with a minimal learning curve. When implemented and utilized properly GA can assist with developing strategies that inform optimal business decisions and drive customers to your website. Often, finding the time for understanding, archiving, discovering and reporting on data is challenging. Let us help by developing an online strategy that works for you and your team. We can help consult you through every stage of SEO planning, whether you are just starting or in need of SEO management.

GitGo Data Can Help By:

  • Getting to know your online customer to drive optimal business decisions
  • Setting up customized reports for key stakeholders
  • Identifying search trends and pitfalls
  • Developing timely reports that work in tandem with your online marketing campaigns
  • Define and setup online KPIs, goals, segments, tagging and custom reporting
  • Bench-marking and data archiving
  • Building backlink strategies
  • Performing SEO audits and competitor analysis

Improve SEO Strategies by Knowing:

  • Who is visiting your website?
  • When do they visit?
  • What page drove the user to the website?
  • How long did they stay?
  • What parts of your website retain the most users of a certain demographic?
  • What zip codes are these users visiting from?
  • What sites are sending you lead traffic that is converting users to paying customers?

Google Analytics Advanced Certification